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Template bug help ?


I'm not sure exactly which source files or config files to check in for
hunting the following issue, and am wondering if anyone could point me
in the right direction. I can handle the coding, but am not familiar
with the source. This issue has become a major impediment to my
work-flow so I would appreciate any tips.

Upon any HTML export, a subset of the backlinks or TOC links within a
child page, to pages above the level of the current page (to a top level
parent page), end up as absolute (/home/username/blabl/htmlExport)
rather than relative (../../parentpage). This makes the export very not
portable to publish. Some of the links do work, and it's just those
linking to the first level that show up as absolute. When manually
fixed in the HTML, it works fine, so there is no advantage or reason to
choose the absolute link. The inconsistent pattern makes me think that
it's programmed correctly in some places, but an old absolute link or
two snuck in for the root reference.