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How to do translations in github workflow - followup



I would like to re-activate discussion on doing translations for zim after
migration to GitHub. I have read thread from May, but it ended without any

1. Do we have any workflow established? What is preferred way of doing
2. Do we have decision which tool mentioned earlier (if any) we want to use?
3. Is there anything that contributors can do to speed up migration to new

Translation to my language leaves something to be desired and I thought
about improving it a bit. I have read pages about contributing on zim
website and was pleasantly surprised that code moved to git. But at the
same time I wasn't sure why page about translations still refers to
Launchpad - is this preferred platform, or something that was missed during

I guess I'm not the only person that might be confused by this and I'm
afraid that current status quo will only scare people away.

For the record, personally I am OK with treating translations as any other
code and doing them the GitHub way (fork, commit, send PR, merge). But I
understand that this creates barrier of entry for a lot of folks and this
solution is not viable in the long term.

Mirosław Zalewski