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Daily due dates for tasks in weekly journal


Hi all,

I'm looking for some suggestions on this particular use case.

I use the Journal plugin on Week mode where each page contains headings
with day names (default template). I organize my tasks accordingly, like

Sunday 14 January
> [ ] Lunch with friends.
> Monday 15 January
> [ ] Morning meeting.
> [ ] Go to a run.
> etc...

In the Task List plugin, I set the option to use the journal pages as due
dates. This marks the due dates of all the tasks in the page to the last
day of the week. This is already great! However, I would like the due dates
to reflect the tasks' assigned day on this week page (i.e. where they are
on the page).

One alternative would be to mark individual tasks with dates, but this is
kind of redundant. Another is to make subtasks like this:

[ ] Sunday 14 January <2018-01-14
>     [ ] Lunch with friends.

But that's also less readable than the default template. Is there any other
alternative that I might have missed?

@Jaap I had a look at the code. If I were to implement such functionality,
would you say modifying the TaskParser is the way to go?


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