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Zim release 0.68 (gtk2)


Dear all,

I've uploaded release 0.68 to Github, the website and the PPA. Only two
minor fixes compared to the release candidate: most notably, the uniqueness
of names in the pathbar is more robust now. Also translations have been

This is supposed to be the last release based on gtk2 / python2 - but still
a lot of work remaining for a gtk3 based release.



Changes since release 0.67:

* Critical fix for updating links on move page and rename page
* Critical fix for rename page and indexing on case-insensitive file systems
  (like windows)
* Fix for regression in tasklist option to _not_ regard all checkboxes as tasks
  -- Fabian Stanke
* Fix for egression in index navigation with previous page and next page
* Fix for memory leak in spell checker plugin -- Alexander Meshcheryakov
* Fix issues with multi-line selections in linesorter plugin
* Fix bug with opening notebook list from tray icon
* Fix bug with "-s" commandline argument for exporting
* Fix bug with importing attachments in quicknote plugin commandline use
* Pathbar now reveals more path elements in case of ambiguous pages --
Robert Hailey
* Add "font" property for use in "styles.conf"
* Add "navigation.home" to template parser for export -- Rolf Kleef
* Version control plugin updated to better handle git staging -- Paul Becker
* Extend interface for "image generator" plugins - Robert Hailey
* Code cleaned up to be a bit PEP8 compliant and more future proof for python3
  conversion -- Christian Stadelmann