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Re: Zim2doku early version


Just published a new version with small fixes, better handling of Zim checkbox lists and a basic documentation : https://github.com/CharlesNepote/zim2doku-customtool
Works on Linux and maybe also on MacOSX and Windows (under Cygwin).
Somebody to test on MacOSX and Windows?

See my test page: http://b.rn7.net/w/playground:zim2doku_wiki_syntax


Le 18/03/2018 à 18:47, Charles Nepote a écrit :
Hi all,

I've build a small custom tool to convert current page in DokuWiki format and copy it to clipboard: a quick way to paste some Zim content into a DokuWiki page. For the moment it only works under Linux but I'm working on a multi-os version. The result is correct while I experiment some minor issues, for example with external links.

I used bash and perl as:
* this are the languages I know a little bit (I'm not a coder)
* bash and perl are very stable languages
* it should be easy to adapt on other OSs

If you want to adapt the script to other languages, it should be easy, all is inside the regexs.