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Pages starting with "abc:" or any word followed by ':' fail


I'm importing a lot of text files into my zim wiki, and ones like:

glossary: A set of terms and explanations

The Alphabet

I.e. any starting with just one word followed by ':' fail, generating the following traceback.

double word: .....

does not cause any trouble, and if I put a space before the ':' it doesn't fail.

I was splitting glossaries one page per component term & explanation.

I'll be looking into the causes, but am a novice with python (but very proficient at debugging code in general).

Thanks, and Best Wishes,   Hal

This is zim 0.68
Platform: posix
Locale: en_US UTF-8
FS encoding: UTF-8 Python: (2, 7, 3, 'final', 0)
Gtk: (2, 24, 11)
Pygtk: (2, 24, 0)
No bzr version-info found

  File "/opt/zim-0.68/zim/gui/pageview.py", line 5241, in set_page
tree = page.get_parsetree()
  File "/opt/zim-0.68/zim/notebook/page.py", line 562, in get_parsetree
self._parsetree = parser.parse(text)
  File "/opt/zim-0.68/zim/formats/wiki.py", line 464, in parse
wikiparser(builder, input)
  File "/opt/zim-0.68/zim/formats/wiki.py", line 88, in call
self.block_parser(builder, text)
  File "/opt/zim-0.68/zim/parser.py", line 399, in call
assert text, 'BUG: processing empty string'
AssertionError: BUG: processing empty string