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Re: One source of maintained syntax for DokuWiki & Zim


On Tue, Nov 13, 2018 at 2:22 PM <tom.corcoran@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Can I ask if it was ever looked at to integrate Zim to DokuWiki so it
> was all joined up with the syntax rules 100% common and maintained in
> one spot?

Are you sure that the syntax is similar enough?  Headings and lists,
maybe, but tables and many other things are quite different.  Of
course, you may be able to write in a syntax like Markdown or Textile
in Zim and then cut'n'paste between Zim and other wikis.  I do that
with Redmine which uses Textile syntax.

Speaking of integration, I jotted down a few notes about syncing
between Zim and Redmine, but it didn't result in anything tangible

Integrating it with Github works reasonably well, including editing,
albeit the syntax is only recognized as plain text in the Github web

> I look forward to exploring Zim. Thanks all.

Zim is certainly a good option for what it is intended for.  Let us
know, if you make any progress towards an integration with DokuWiki.

Regards, GG