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Mac OS / OS-X and Zim/GTK2


Hi Mac + Zim users - running Zim 0.69.1 (GTK2) from the source tree, in
Mojave. It works great overall (after theming GTK), the only issue I could
not resolve is how to navigate pageviews by "Word" (navigating to the
previous or the next word via a shortcut, like in Linux/Windows we use

The normal way to do this in Mac OS would be Alt-right/left however this
makes zim navigate through pages (backwards and forward). Ctrl-left/right
doesn't do anything in zim either.

Is there any shortcut for this that works in MacOS? If not,  has anyone
succeeded in remapping accelerators/keybindings for zim to get working
shortcodes for per-word navigation? Would you mind explaining how to
achieve this?

I tried adding accelerators to ~/.gtkrc-2.0 but this doesn't seem to work.
I also manually modified ~/.config/zim/accelmap to remove the bindings to
Alt-right/left to something else however it seems zim actually doesn't load
key bindings from here

Any pointer on this would be awesome