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Drag & Drop pages not working in v.70, .71


I have version 0.69.1 installed on some machines and v0.71.1 on others
(I'm transitioning).

On v0.69.1 within a wiki  I can:
1.    create a link to page A in page B by dragging page A into page B
2.    move page A by dragging and dropping it to its new location under page C.

In v0.7x neither of these work.
For 1. I have to use
    On page A:  right-click / copy location
    Inside page B: right click / paste
For 2. I have to use:
    On page C:  right-click / copy location
    On page A:  right-click / move page
    then inside the box: right click / paste.

Is this intentional or should I raise an Issue?
Certainly it is less convenient for mouse-lovers ;-)

Xubuntu 18.04, on laptops and in VMs.


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