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Re: Is it safe to sync the hidden .zim folder across machines?


This makes perfect sense, thanks for the detailed explanation!

On 1/8/20 12:02 AM, Mukli Krisztián wrote:

Hi Maik!

Yeah, as I wrote, with default notebooks shouldn't be any problems: Default means you didn't edited the notebook.zim file in the root folder of notebook. Zim place the cache in the XDG_CACHE_HOME (~/.cache or %APPDATA%\Roaming\zim\cache) by default, and the hidden .zim folder contains only state.conf file, which is storing the state of the notebook window, which node seen last, windows size, etc, etc.

If you edited notebook.zim file in the root folder of notebook, there is a hidden option called Shared, which is True by default. Change it to False causing Zim will storing the cache in the hidden .zim folder which is practical to encrypted notebooks (I'm using gocryptfs for that purpose). My advice applies to this case.

Sorry, if I wasn't clear.


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08.01.2020 09:12 időpontban Maik Mory ezt írta:

Hi Jake and Krisztian,

I synced my notebooks via Resilio since 2010 or so (btsync was the name in those days). No problems ever.Zim very nicely recognizes changed files and reloads them. So you can just walk to a next node and edit the workbook there then walk back and continue.

Sincerely, Maik.

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Hi Jake!

You can syncing that folder if you use shared notebooks (default Zim notebooks are shared), there are not causing any problems, but if you use unshared notebooks, you should blacklisted the index.db file in Nextcloud Client.

I don't do that. I'm using Nextcloud for synchronizing my Zim notebooks, but I don't use shared notebooks (in the notebook.zim file shared option sets to False), so my .zim folders contain not only state.conf file but the index.db cache file, which can cause some strange behaviour when I was synced. Constant wiriting of cache file caused problems with syncing and slowing down the Zim itself.


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08.01.2020 07:20 időpontban Jake Herrmann ezt írta:

    According to https://zim-wiki.org/manual/FAQ.html, it is not
    necessary to include the hidden .zim folder when backing up
    notebooks or syncing notebooks across machines. But is it safe to
    include this folder anyway, or will it break things? In my case I
    am syncing a notebook between multiple computers using Nextcloud.



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