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Re: How user can see completed tasks in the task list?


Hi Nick

There could be a couple of ways to do it.

1. Simple, but not so elegant, is to use the Task List but never check
the boxes.

Instead, use a tag like @completed or @finished (but not both), so you
can filter tasks on those tags. This way, you could have @cancelled also
or @delayed or whatever you want.

Tags are very useful with tasks as you can mix them. For example, I
often put an estimated time in the form of a tag (@d2 for 2 days, @h3
for 3 hours, etc.), so I can again filter based on time.

2. Use Task List and check the boxes as usual.

Since Zim files are simple text files, you can seach them using tools or

For Windows, I know a tool called Copernic that can do this job, as it
indexes files and their content.

On Linux, DocFetcher does the same.

On Linux, for the current directory, the command "cat *txt | grep
"\[\*\]" will find all completed tasks, as "
cat *txt | grep "\[x\]" will give all cancelled ones.

Hope that helps.


Renaud Levesque

Le 20-06-16 à 14 h 02, Николай А Кузнецов a écrit :
> Hello!
> Can user see completed tasks in the task list?
> Regards,

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