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Hello all, 

I'm using ZIM 0.73.4 in Xubuntu 20.04 (ZIM installed via PPA). 

ZIM generated automatically some unwanted pages from links that I have in other pages that I created. 
They are showed in grey in the index and I cannot delete those pages (if I right click and delete the page in the index nothing happens). 
For example I inserted wwwSomeAddress in a page, and that became a new page with name wwwSomeAddress showed in grey in the index. Interestingly that did not happen for all links, but for some links only, and I'm not sure why.
Also those pages are not present in the ZIM notebook data folder, there is no text file for them.

See a screenshot example here (the first 3 pages in the ictures are pages that I created, and below that there are two grey pages that I did not create and can't delete): 

Any idea why is that and what I can do to fix that issue? 

Thank you for your help and for working on this great program.

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