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Zim 0.74.1 released !


Dear all,

Zim version 0.74.1 is now available. It is a small bug fix release of the
0.74.0 release of earlier this month.

Also I now added a windows installer to the download folder.

Kind regards,


##  0.74.1 - Thu 23 Sep 2021
* Add preference to hide edit bar
* Add separate parameter for wrapped lines linespacing
* Fix behavior of copying images on copy-paste
* Fix export of anchors to make valid HTML tags
* Fix storing of uistate for window panes
* Fix issues for "file:/path" file URIs
* Fix bug in "copy link"
* Make clipboard handling robust for non-local file URI
* Fix issue with escaping in find input
* Fix behavior of TrashDialog on error
* Remove string literal formatting syntax