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Zim version 0.74.2 released !


Dear all,

Zim release 0.74.2 is now available. Main update is in the "Toolbar"
plugin. An issue with custom tools has been fixed and the Toolbar plugin
now also has options to remove the Gtk3 window decoration and comes closer
to the interface of the previous version.

In related news: since we enabled the discussion forum on Github there is a
lot of activity there. So if you are wondering why the mailing list is so
quiet have a look over there ;)



##  0.74.2 - Mon 11 Oct 2021
* Let Toolbar plugin also remove window decoration
* Fix execution of custom tools from Toolbar
* Add plugin "view" items to Toolbar plugin
* Make drag&drop optional in the pageindex
* Add option to toggle tooltips for index panes
* Fix Zeitgeist plugin to work with Gtk3 branch
* Improve dialog feedback for invalid input
* Fix error on cancel insert dialog
* Let exceptions not block search
* Make page parser robust for empty files