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RFC: New Tasklist User Interface


Dear all,

In the zim development branch we are testing a new user interface for the
tasklist. I would like to get feedback from users trying it out before
merging it in the main branch and releasing it. Please try it out and let
me know your thoughts how to improve further.

Key changes:
- New interface for selecting "lists" "tags" and "pages"
- Optional "GTD" flavor lists in the selection pane for "next" / "inbox" /
- New menu in the dialog to allow also including closed tasks in the
- Improved parsing of task labels
- Allow inheritance of all modifiers (tags, due date, start date etc.) from
a label starting a list of tasks
- Tasks appearing in a weekly journal page can have automatic due or start
date per day instead of per week

For more explanation, please see the manual page
(sorry for the raw formatting)

Development branch source:
Development branch PPA:

Unfortunately there is no development branch windows installer or Mac OS
application at this time

To see the screenshot and provide feedback, please go to the discussion
tread here:

Kind regards,


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