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Re: Using Zim as document editor


Hey there,

Johan Vromans wrote:

>Best wishes for 2023!

The same to you.

>I was wondering... Would it be possible to use Zim as an editor for
>documents that are not Zim notes.
>For example, when I open a particular document, instead of reading
>it from disk Zim would run a plugin or an external tool to fetch the
>actual contents. Likewise, when the document is saved, some other
>plugin/tool is run to write the contents to disk.
>Rationale is that I have quite a few markdown or json documents that
>I would love to be able to maintain with a decent tool like Zim.

I haven't tried it, but this should be possible with the Custom Tools
option inside the Tools menu. There's a Help button in the bottom left
corner of that that leads to documentation showing how to use it.

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