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Re: Using Zim as document editor


On Thu, 5 Jan 2023 13:04:07 +0100, Johan Vromans wrote:

> What I would like to have is a load and store hook where I can perform the
> conversions. I want the file on disk to be in the 'alien' format, while
> zim only 'sees' zim format.

Looking at the code I see that Zim uses readLines (in newfs.local) to fetch
an page. This looks a good place to intercept and silently convert
the document from alien into zim format, so that zim only sees zim

However, before a page is loaded, there is also a call to readLine but I
haven't quite found out who does the call, and why. Is it some kind of peek
at the document to see if it is a zim document?

-- Johan

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