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tegra-aes licence/bug


It would seem there is a typo in the drivers/crypto/tegra-aes.c file. Building it as a module complains about it being non-GPL licenced. This seems to be related to the MODULE_LICENSE("GPLv2") line. This is a typo. It should be either:


(with a space) or


However, fixing this makes it throw up an undefined variable:

ERROR: "tegra_chip_uid" [drivers/crypto/tegra-aes.ko] undefined!

I saw in the IRC logs that this was discussed by woglinde and marvin24 back in April. Was there ever a proper fix established? I can see that the tegra_chip_uid is defined in arch/arm/tegra/fuse.c, but it isn't immediately obvious why this wouldn't be available to tegra-aes.ko


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