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Re: New test deb for Oneiric


Am Samstag, den 08.10.2011, 12:19 +0200 schrieb hiro:
> here's my asound.state. use alsactl to restore it's settings to your setup.
> what about an init file /usr/share/alsa/init/00main ?
you should never use asound.state manually, it is modified and parsed by
alsa all the time and you might confuse it if you manually change the
file. this is a 100% system file that shouldnt be touched by users.

00main would be an option, but the whole ancient init hackery is
considered obsolete upstream, so that would also only be temporary ... 

ASoC sound is supposed to use ucm nowadays, so we need to create the
proper ucm configuration to initialize the sound properly. alongside an
SRU upload for oneiric this indeed needs to go upstream.