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Re: [Fwd: pre-release 11.10 images are available for testing....]


Am Samstag, den 08.10.2011, 10:30 +0000 schrieb Pierre van Male:
> I guess the default image for the AC100 would be that one:
> http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/20111007/oneiric-preinstalled-desktop-armel+ac100.img.gz But it no longer exists on the server.

hmm, seems thats a bug in the tracker,
http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/20111007/ has the tar.gz
file, but the qatracker refers to it as img.gz ... just download the
tar.gz and .bootimg manually with a browser or wget from the above dir.

> Just wondering if it would be possible to produce a Lubuntu image. I 

sorry, but i think this is a bit to late for the oneiric cycle ... for
the P (precise) release you could talk to the lubuntu maintainers. to
get approval from the ubuntu release team for building an additional
image it is required that someone commits to take the responsibility for
all QA (testing all milestone images, working on bugs that are specific
to this image, etc). this indeed requires that the team has someone with
the hardware to test on who does this commitment.