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Re: New test deb for Oneiric


Am Montag, den 10.10.2011, 13:10 +0200 schrieb Marc Dietrich:

> > Headphones don't work too (if hp are related to nvec, please point how it is done).
> > alc5632 registers state is restored after resume but with no effect.
> > snd_soc_tegra_paz00 and snd_soc_alc5632 must be reloaded to fix this issue: sudo
> > rmmod snd_soc_tegra_paz00
> > sudo rmmod snd_soc_alc5632
> > sudo modprobe snd_soc_alc5632
> > sudo modprobe snd_soc_tegra_paz00
> aha, so it is not related to nvec (would be too easy to blame it for everything), but 
> more like a codec init issue. At least this isolates the problem a bit.
removing/re-adding the modules does nothing here, nor does putting them
into the pm-utils config for modules to un/reload which does also walk
the the modules tree and unloads the dependencies (and re-loads them on
resume in the right order indeed) (... see the SUSPEND_MODULES variable)

i spent 3h on this now and never managed to get to a state where sound
played again after resume.