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updates to my 2.6.38 tree



today I added some more stuff to my 2.6.38 kernel tree (at 
http://gitorious.org/~marvin24/ac100/marvin24s-kernel ) - 508 commits if 
gitorious counted right.

This is mainly a merge of the latest upstream chromeos tree. The merge wasn't 
that easy as I expected for two reasons:

	- first, in the past I did a very lazy wifi backport in a single patch 
which caused a lot of conflicts because upstream also had the idea of 
backporting some wifi core infrastructure which collided with my changes. So I 
had to revert everything I did and started to cherry-pick all stuff I found 
useful (to make latest upstream rt2x00 driver compiling). So this needs some 
testing. It also produces a lot of warnings now if you have wifi debugging 
enabled. Something like: "phy0 -> rt2800usb_txdone_entry_check: Warning - TX 
status report missed for queue 2 entry 28", but it seems to be non critical.

	- second, "upstream" also seems to had the idea to backport parts of the 
input layer including the latest elantech driver. Unfortunately for me (or 
fortunately for you), it added support to newer touchpads including ours, 
which has hw version 3. While this sounds good, it wasn't so easy because the 
upstream driver had a bug so that our touchpad was detected as a version 2 one 
and therefore refused to work (which I only found out after some days of 
debugging and emailing the maintainers). The other problem was that the 
touchpad refused to wake up again, which fortunately wasn't a big deal to fix. 
So we ended up with some basic mutlitouch support. This all should be 
autodetected, so please don't ask me what to configure...

I hope I got everything into a good shape again and it would be nice if some 
more people could test it. And no, there will be no deb package from me. Maybe 
someone else can provide it.

That's all for now - happy testing!


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