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Re: Tegra Partition Autodetection Badly Broken



Gordan Bobic <gordan@xxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:

>It would appear that the Tegra partition autodetection is _badly_ 
>broken. Using it I just bricked my Hynix RAM based 10U by dd-ing a new 
>kernel image to mmcblk0p2. It looks like it mis-sets the partition 
>layout and you end up clobbering something important (BCT or boot
>- it powers up but there is no splash screen and it doesn't boot up).
>This feature needs to be marked with a big "DO NOT USE" message (or
>patched out until debugged).
This is why the Ubuntu scripts perform an actual search check before writing to the bootloader partition by checking each single partition and detecting the biggest possible abootimg one. You should consider stealing the flash-kernel script from Ubuntu instead of just dd'ing to a device file.


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