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Re: new kernel branch?


Hi Jani,

Am Montag, 9. Januar 2012, 12:48:03 schrieb Jani Monoses:
> Hello,
> I see there's a new chromeos-ac100-3.0 branch in the git repo.
> How does it differ from the -exp one?

it is meant to be the "stable" branch and I wanted to be sure that it really is 
before announcing (well, I did on IRC).

The -exp branch became very unstable after the merge with the ChromeOS tree which 
brought to 3.0.13. I tried for a week, but failed to find out what's wrong. So I 
created a stable branch based on 3.0.8 for now. 

Feel free to base new kernels upon this one (I think you can just pull it because it 
should have the same base as the current ubuntu ac100 kernel).

Have Fun


P.S. the stable kernel adds tegra-aes and frontswap (a replacement for zram + 
swapfile on it, but only works with a real swap *device* as a backbuffer). I tortured  
it like hell, but failed to crash it (including frontswap and zcache). So I think it 
is ready for production. A propos torture: anyone ever tried to install a printer via 
the web interface?

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