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kernel config differences between default and Ubuntu



There are still quite a few config options that were never synced up
or were dropped compared to the default paz00 config in the git ac100
kernel tree.

I ran this command locally
diff -u <(grep "^CONF" arch/arm/configs/paz00_defconfig|cut -f1
-d=|sort) <(grep "^CONF" debian.linaro/config/config.common.ubuntu|cut
-f 1 -d=|sort ) |grep "-"

and got this:

Any in particular that should absolutely be there? I could just add
them all I guess but wanted to make sure they are all intended and to
know why
certain settings are on. For istance I am not sure the various
debugging options are set in other Ubuntu kernels and I want to keep
the delta low
DEV_DM had build issues when I switched to the 3.0 tree, and have not
tried since, hence it being off.
IIRC PCI was not needed either but it is enabled by default in defconfig.

Any input is welcome :)

@@ -90,236 +393,1245 @@

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