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Re: kernel config differences between default and Ubuntu


On Tuesday 10 January 2012 17:16:26 Jani Monoses wrote:
> Hello,
> There are still quite a few config options that were never synced up
> or were dropped compared to the default paz00 config in the git ac100
> kernel tree.
> I ran this command locally
> diff -u <(grep "^CONF" arch/arm/configs/paz00_defconfig|cut -f1
> -d=|sort) <(grep "^CONF" debian.linaro/config/config.common.ubuntu|cut
> -f 1 -d=|sort ) |grep "-"
> and got this:
> Any in particular that should absolutely be there? I could just add
> them all I guess but wanted to make sure they are all intended and to
> know why
> certain settings are on. For istance I am not sure the various
> debugging options are set in other Ubuntu kernels and I want to keep
> the delta low
> DEV_DM had build issues when I switched to the 3.0 tree, and have not
> tried since, hence it being off.
> IIRC PCI was not needed either but it is enabled by default in defconfig.
> Any input is welcome :)

Our SoC is affected by this erratum, so it should be enabled


We don't have this, kill it.


I think these can be killed


We don't have this, kill it.


I think we want PERFORMANCE here, ondemand will be actived later in the boot 


kill these


These are not necessary.


What's that? Maybe ChromeOS specific -> kill

> @@ -90,236 +393,1245 @@

not sure about this one, wait for an expert ...


yes, I prefer LZO over GZ because it uncompresses faster AFAIK, increasing 
boot speed. I leave it up to you.


debugging stuff ... not needed for release


looks like our camera does not need it -> kill


well, no OpenFirmware yet -> kill


well, I leave these up to you. Personally, I like nfs ...
SERIAL_OF_PLATFORM is not needed
and memory allocator, preemption ... ask someone else ;-)


mmh, should be UARTA


please leave this on (for powermgnmt reasons)


double kill


mmh, I don't know if it is working. Well if someone wants to try, he need to 
build his own kernel anyway -> zap it


I wanted to get rid of the various tuners. In fact we need none of them. But 
somehow this didn't worked, kernel still compiles the tuners. Maybe try 


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