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Re: kernel changes upstreaming status?



> As the others devs already mentioned, AC100 support in mainline is nearly complete.
> What is missing is the display support. AFAIK, this won't happen in the near furture
> (or NV or someone else steps up and pulls something out of his hat). Olof Johansson
> made quick and dirty port of the current driver to 3.2, but I failed to get it
> working here. This won't be useful for a stable series anyway. Remember the ~600
> pending patches?

I remember there were 600 patches mentioned, and I was wondering what
the effort is to
sync them up with 3.2. I don't know how many of those are chromeos
specific vs tegra/ac100 hw bits though.

>> In Ubuntu 12.04 the majority of kernel packages will be 3.2 based so a
>> smaller delta will make
>> security and bugfix updates for the official distro kernels easier to
>> apply to the ac100 one,
>> it being maintained on a best effort basis only.
> As it looks now, we have to stick with 3.0 for 12.04. I hope this does not create
> problems. Chromeos normally follows the stable series (with a small time lag), so
> security patches and important bugfixes will also go into our kernel tree. But for
> this to work we would need to release our kernels independantly of the Ubuntu
> releases. Are all ARM machines (I mean the kernel) updated at once?

If a 3.2 port is too much effort, then sticking to 3.0 is fine. In
Ubuntu only OMAP3 and some older
architectures are released as part of the main kernel source package,
as they were upstreamed a while ago.
Most others are on their own schedule depending on vendors and
Linaro/Ubuntu being able to keep
up with the newer kernels. All will be at least 3.0 and most will be
based on 3.2 AFAIK though.


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