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Re: [Question #208063]: Which Jabber/GoogleTalk client (with audio&video) is the best fit for AC100? (most lightweight)


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Gordan Bobic proposed the following answer:
On 09/09/2012 04:26 AM, Ivan Zakharyaschev wrote:
> New question #208063 on AC100_enablement:
> https://answers.launchpad.net/ac100/+question/208063
> I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 for Toshiba AC100.
> I have tried to use the mail&  chat applet in the panel, but I have always had the feeling that it is too heavyweight for this system with little memory and CPU resources: the system hicks up more often, especially after I connected to my GoogleTalk account (just to be online and see the online status of other contacts).
> The Jabber/GoogleTalk part of this messaging system is based telepathy (empathy), and I feel that it is too heavyweight:
> $ ps x -o cmd,vsize,size,rss| fgrep -i path
> telepathy-indicator          76336 37440  1516
> /usr/lib/telepathy/mission-  38320 28872  1720
> empathy                     225336 79272 14288
> /usr/lib/telepathy/telepath  36364 28448   964
> /usr/lib/telepathy/telepath  42508 30804  2724
> /usr/lib/telepathy/telepath  10108   508   996
> fgrep --color=auto -i path    3104   296   660
> $
> What are the best, most lightweight alternatives to empathy that I can use for using GoogleTalk? And how to replace telepathy/empathy in the system, so that it doesn't consume space in the panel (or replace the applet with another, non-empathy one)?

If your requirements are voice/video, you're pretty much out of luck. If 
you are only interested in text chat, Pidgin is pretty good.

The total memory used from what you listed above is about 200MB - that 
isn't TOO bad. There are ways to squeeze a bit more memory out of the 
AC100. You can scrape an extra 62MB of RAM out of the frame buffer which 
makes a non-trivial difference, and there are ways to get a bit more out 
using zram for swap, zcache, reducing the default stack size, etc. Have 
a look here:



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