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Re: New NVIDIA driver released


On Sun, 9 Sep 2012 12:08:43 +0100
Andrew Jones <a_p_jones@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I noticed that NVIDIA has just launched a new driver for TEGRA 2
> which claims to have armhf support. 
> http://developer.nvidia.com/mobile/linux-tegra
> Has anyone tried it with the AC100? Unfortunately my technical
> competence isn't up to much and I can't figure out how to install it.
> A deb file would be great if anyone can get it working :-) 
we were already looking into it last week ... i would love to put it
into the ubuntu archive, but there are some issues... 
the driver needs a certain minimal kernel version (3.1.10), so we cant
pull it into precise without updating the kernel ... this kernel version
additionally requires changes to the bootloader setup
(setting console=tty1 on the kernel cmdline) which ubuntu has no
automated process for in an installed system (neither grub nor other
bootloader configs are allowed to be touched by a simple package update)

so getting that stuff into precise wont be easily possible ...

getting it into quantal which uses the right kernel version already
(or at least will soon use it) wont be possible until nvidia actually
provides a binary that was built for xorg abi 13 (which quantal

i'm considering to add both, kernel and driver for precise to the ac100
enablement PPA though, so people can install it at their own risk with
manually adjusting the bootloader config ... 

lets hope nvidia provides an update in time for the 13 ABI before
quantal final release, then we could actually have actually a working
driver in the archive out of the box ...

sadly experience tells that they wont make it, but there is always
hope :) 


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