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Re: [Question #229206]: How to get accelerated xv output ?


Question #229206 on AC100_enablement changed:

Vlad Gheorghe posted a new comment:

* One of my interests is to get a sip with video working on the AC100.
Up to now ekiga worked best, but compeltely non-accelerated.

I think that using xv would result in some performance gain.

However, it looks that the real gain would be to get full
encoding/decoding acceleration - so gstreamer seems the way to go.

ekiga does not seem to use gstreamer. It only uses standard XV, which
apparently does not work on AC100 with the installed drivers.

I will investigate empathy/telepathy as an alternative, which seems to
use gstreamer.

* Still, on the ac100.grandou.com wiki it is indicated that totem should work.
The issue that prevents it from running in my installation might affect other gst-based players (empathy included).

How can I get some help in debugging this issue ? (is it ac100, lubuntu,
gstreamer, totem? )

* I have asked about the xv issue on the nvidia forum.

Thanks !

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