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Accelerated Scaling with Tegra Binary Driver


I'm not having much luck with video playback performance
using the Tegra binary driver. Without scaling things
work OK. Scaling up results in quite awful frame skipping.

mplayer I built defaults to -vo xv xv after complaining
that there is no vdpau_nvidia.so (is there such a thing
for soft-float ARM for Tegra?). This gets things to the
correct aspect ratio, but fullscreening slows down
dramatically. Using -vo x11 doesn't scale at all,
resulting in distortion due to aspect ratio.

-vo gl and -vo gl2 produce one frame every 10 seconds or
so - I'd have expected this to work since the Tegra
driver does provide a GLES implementation which I would
expect to be sufficient for something as simple as
texture tiling/stretching.

Has anybody got this working passably well?


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