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[Merge] lp:~townsend/apport/fix-lp1071905 into lp:apport


Christopher Townsend has proposed merging lp:~townsend/apport/fix-lp1071905 into lp:apport.

Commit message:
Add some logic to determine if the Python3 launchpadlib is not available and print out a more meaningful error message when it is not.

Requested reviews:
  Apport upstream developers (apport-hackers)
Related bugs:
  Bug #1071905 in Apport: "ERROR: The launchpadlib Python module is not installed."

For more details, see:

There is no Python3 launchpadlib (python3-launchpadlib), but when running apport-cli, the error message is very misleading and tends to confuse many users.

This fix checks to see if we are indeed just missing the python3-launchpablib and prints out a hopefully more meaningful message.  I chose a message that seems to make sense, but I'm open to changing it something else if the reviewer(s) feel necessary.
Your team Apport upstream developers is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~townsend/apport/fix-lp1071905 into lp:apport.
=== modified file 'apport/crashdb_impl/launchpad.py'
--- apport/crashdb_impl/launchpad.py	2013-05-13 05:48:25 +0000
+++ apport/crashdb_impl/launchpad.py	2013-07-17 19:23:26 +0000
@@ -129,9 +129,12 @@
         if self.__launchpad:
             return self.__launchpad
-        if Launchpad is None:
+        if Launchpad is None and _python2 is True:
             sys.stderr.write('ERROR: The launchpadlib Python module is not installed. This functionality is not available.\n')
+        elif Launchpad is None and _python2 is False:
+            sys.stderr.write('ERROR: The launchpadlib Python3 module (python3-launchpadlib) is not available.  This functionality is cannot be used.\n')
+            sys.exit(1)
         if self.options.get('launchpad_instance'):
             launchpad_instance = self.options.get('launchpad_instance')