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[Merge] lp:~rohangarg/apport/fix-for-1282713 into lp:apport


Rohan Garg has proposed merging lp:~rohangarg/apport/fix-for-1282713 into lp:apport.

Requested reviews:
  Apport upstream developers (apport-hackers)
Related bugs:
  Bug #1282713 in apport (Ubuntu): "apport-kde crashed with SIGSEGV in QWidgetPrivate::deleteTLSysExtra()"

For more details, see:
Your team Apport upstream developers is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~rohangarg/apport/fix-for-1282713 into lp:apport.
=== modified file 'kde/apport-kde'
--- kde/apport-kde	2014-01-27 09:30:42 +0000
+++ kde/apport-kde	2014-03-31 15:05:03 +0000
@@ -31,6 +31,13 @@
     import apport.ui
     from apport import unicode_gettext as _
+    import sip
+    ## Work around for LP: 1282713
+    try:
+        sip.setdestroyonexit(False)
+    except AttributeError:
+       pass
 except ImportError as e:
     # this can happen while upgrading python packages
     apport.fatal('Could not import module, is a package upgrade in progress?  Error: %s', str(e))