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Apport enhancement for PowerPC



I am looking to enhance Apport, to collect hardware information about underlying platform when ran over PowerPC. For example PowerPC specific details under /proc/ like device-tree,
ppc64/* and output of commands like ppc64_cpu, lsvpd, lparstat and others.

By reading through the Apport documentation/very limited code. My understanding is that, Apport collects information pretending more towards single application which crashed, along with hooks
used to collect information about the underlying hardware.

sosreport has been enhanced to work on Ubuntu and sosreport currently captures PowerPC specific information. Can you please suggest if is it best to enhance Apport hook which capture hardware information to capture PowerPC specific information also or sosreport will be used by Ubuntu to capture information about the environment over/along with Apport, when a bug is reported.

I have subscribed to the list, kindly CC me in the replies.


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