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Re: Apport enhancement for PowerPC


Hello Kamalesh,

Kamalesh Babulal [2015-09-10 11:38 +0530]:
> I am looking to enhance Apport, to collect hardware information about
> underlying platform
> when ran over PowerPC. For example PowerPC specific details under /proc/
> like device-tree,
> ppc64/* and output of commands like ppc64_cpu, lsvpd, lparstat and others.

We already have a hook /usr/share/apport/general-hooks/powerpc.py
which collects  this kind of information. Is something missing from
that? This was written By Thierry Fauck, see this bug for the history:
https://launchpad.net/bugs/1336462 . We haven't heard any feedback
about since then, but for sure there are always things which can be

> By reading through the Apport documentation/very limited code. My
> understanding is that, Apport collects information pretending more
> towards single application which crashed, along with hooks used to
> collect information about the underlying hardware.

Right. You can have per-package hooks, or hooks which apply to all
packages (general-hooks/).

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