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Awn 0.4.2


Hey guys,

the original plan was to release Awn 0.4.2 soon after 0.4.0, with the only addition of official support for multiple panels, but since then a lot has happened - trunk has already the awesome Lucido style, rewritten 3d style, Docky moved all their helpers to the API we have, so here's what I propose - let's release 0.4.2 in time for Maverick (which means we have about a month to do it), based on current trunk and these features:
* full support for multiple panels
  - requires merging some stuff from my 0.6 branch (mhr3)
  - work on awn-settings (anyone?)
  - taskmanager's intellihide support for more than one panel (moonbeam?)
* support for Docky's helpers
- I started to write a daemon that runs the helpers and also a configuration GUI to manage it @ lp:dockmanager, it needs more work - ultimately the config GUI would be embeddable to awn-settings via XEmbed, anyone wants to finish it? I'm not sure I'll have time for it (anyone?) - needs also small changes in taskmanager (just start the service via dbus if it's available) (moonbeam?)

* we should also fix the critical issues in lda
  - the problem with keyfile backend and lists (malept?)
  - are there any more critical issues?

That's all I'd like to see in 0.4.2, I think that any other new features should be postponed for future releases, comments? Of course general bug-fixing is always welcome...


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