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Awn 0.4.2 - status update


Here's a little status update on what's been done, and what still needs work for 0.4.2:

On 07/19/2010 05:59 PM, Michal Hruby wrote:
Hey guys, ...
* full support for multiple panels
  - requires merging some stuff from my 0.6 branch (mhr3)
  - work on awn-settings (anyone?)
MOSTLY DONE - could use some polishing
  - taskmanager's intellihide support for more than one panel (moonbeam?)
* support for Docky's helpers
- I started to write a daemon that runs the helpers and also a configuration GUI to manage it @ lp:dockmanager, it needs more work - ultimately the config GUI would be embeddable to awn-settings via XEmbed, anyone wants to finish it? I'm not sure I'll have time for it (anyone?)
- needs also small changes in taskmanager (just start the service via dbus if it's available) (moonbeam?)

* we should also fix the critical issues in lda
  - the problem with keyfile backend and lists (malept?)
  - are there any more critical issues?
There were a few extra fixes...

So, 4 out of 6 tasks were done, I'd say it's pretty good, though we didn't make it for the Maverick release, but at least now there's no time pressure and we can fix and polish freely :)

IMO right now there are a couple of high-prio issues in lda - we need a few more features before making stable lda 0.4 release. Those missing features are: - do something with remote uris - add API similar to gio's File.mount_enclosing_volume() - support volume-mounting with context (for password-requesting volumes) and the same for desktop-entry launching (to cleanly support startup notifications)

Currently I'd lean to implementing it in a gio-oriented fashion... Any comments? malept??