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Re: Wine tasting at UDS?


On 02/05/10 13:17, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Hello wine lovers,
> I'll bring two special French bottles for your tasting pleasure.
> One is a very special wine, made from Savagnin grapes, which tastes like
> no other:
> Arbois Savagnin 2005, Domaine Ligier (white)
> The other is an exceptional bottle from one of the most mythical places
> in Burgundy:
> Clos Vougeot 1973, Domaine Gros (red)
> I can already picture Boris salivate, but don't get too excited though.
> This precise series of bottles happens to have been raised under
> sub-optimal conditions, and for one exceptional bottle I had quite a few
> which lost most alcoholic properties with age. But it's always an
> experience, and we might be lucky !
> Cheers,

OMG 1973 Clos Vougeot by Gros !! .. this is my birthdate too ...

Salivating is a small word, even if potentially past its prime, this
will be interesting none the less! /me takes a ticket for a tasting glass!

Thank you Thierry, this is impressive!

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