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Re: account_payment_security


Le 19/02/2014 13:44, Stefan a écrit :
Two options :
1) you think this module could be usefull in the banking-addons
project. In this case, I will prepare an MP to add this module in
Absolutely. Agreed with Pedro that you might want to consider proposing
this change to lp:openobject-addons as well.

I am glad that you consider this problem as important, because the email I sent in 2012 on that subject in the openerp-community mailing-list didn't receive any answer.

I must say that I don't have any motivation to contribute this kind of thing to the addons, because my last MPs on the accounting module took 9 months to be reviewed and accepted (15 lines of code), and I spent more time trying to convince OpenERP S.A. guys to look at my MP than writing the code itself !

I would prefer to propose this change in the module account_banking_payment_export (all modules that generate payment files depend on it, so it should be enough to contribute it there).

Alexis de Lattre

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