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Dear banking-addons community friends,

As you know, the banking-addons are not compatible with the module account_payment_extension which is available in lp:account-payment. This module used to be popular... but people can't use the SEPA module from banking-addons with it. So some people are trying to port the SEPA modules of lp:account-banking to lp:account-payment, cf https://code.launchpad.net/~acysos-team/account-payment/account-payment-sepa-7.0/+merge/203211 but that means a lot of code duplication and other issues (cf https://lists.launchpad.net/account-payment-team/msg00264.html).

There are many features that are present in both the banking-addons and account_payment_extension ; only one feature is present in account_payment_extension but not in the banking-addons : the ability to configure a customer/supplier payment mode (credit transfer, direct debit, cheque, credit card, etc...) on res.partner, which is copied to the invoice. So I propose that we develop a small module to add this feature in the banking-addons.

Here are a few ideas about this module on which I would welcome your feedback :

1) the name of the module : I propose "account_partner_payment"

2) the dependancies : this module would only depend on the module account_payment from the official addons

3) the datamodel : here are the additionnal fields that would be provided by that module : - 2 field.property : customer_payment_mode and supplier_payment_mode, which would be a many2one to payment.mode (in account_payment_extension, the field points to payment.type, but I find this strange, no ?) - 1 field on account.invoice : payment_mode_id, which would be a many2one to payment.mode (again, in account_payment_extension, the field points to payment.type !)

4) then, we would need to have a way to filter on the payment mode of the invoice when we select the invoices to pay. Does that mean that "account_banking_payment_export" would declare a dependancy on "account_partner_payment" ?

Another related question : in the module account_banking_payment, in the file "model/payment_mode.py", there is a field "payment_term_ids" which is designed to filter out the "invoices to pay" to invoices that have these payment terms. I understand that this field could be used in a way that brings the same kind of feature. For example, instead of having one payment term "30 days net", we could create 2 payment terms "30 days net by wire transfer" and "30 days net by direct debit", and associate each payment term to the related payment mode... wouldn't it do the job ? But we could argue that we are mixing 2 different concepts : the concept of payment term (=delay of the payment) and the concept of payment mode (= how the payment transaction is carried out).

I plan to develop this module shortly because I have a customer that is requesting this feature. That would help us convince the users of account_payment_extension that they can use the banking-addons (which implies uninstalling account_payment_extension) and won't loose any features.

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

Alexis de Lattre

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