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Re: Help with building Tensorflow


On 2021-01-23 19:00 -0500, Olek Wojnar wrote:
>    Hello Debian Science (and Deep Learning) Tensorflow packagers,
>    I see that there have been a couple commits recently to the Tensorflow
>    package.[1] I wanted to reach out and make sure you know that our team is
>    available and happy to help you with any Bazel-related build issues you
>    may have.

>    Thanks for your packaging work and, again, please let us know if we can
>    help!

That great to know. Thanks for the offer.

I would have done more on this last week but my laptop died
completely, so I spent the week setting up a new computer and getting
hardware to copy stuff off the fancy SSD. I'm mostly back in business
now so will hopefully make some progress soon. I started reading about
bazel but as I know nothing about it before last week it's nice to
know there is someone with some clue I can ask questions of :-)

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