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Re: Ubuntu woes


Ok. So I pulled up another vm, one pretty much unsullied by my bad code.
Same problem building either from my clone or from the master repository.

Could somebody please build from git://
gitorious.org/brewtarget/brewtarget.git and see if they have the same


On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 11:37 PM, mik firestone <mikfire@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> All,
> I need some help.
> The mash designer seems to be misbehaving on both of my kubuntu vms. If I
> go to the mash designer and build any kind of mash schedule, nothing shows
> in the table. If I quit, save changes and then restart, the new mash steps
> are shown.
> This only seems to be happening on my kubuntu vms (13.10 and 12.10). My
> host OS doesn't seem to do this, and a quick sampling of my other vms don't
> have this problem.
> Could somebody else build HEAD on kubuntu and let me know if this is just
> my problem, or if there is something else going on?
> Thanks,
> Mik
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In a world of ninja v. pirate, I pilot a Gundam

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