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A suggestion for better manuals.- Blueprint


Hi everyone,

I am sending this email since I am not sure how to insert comments in a
Blueprint and Launchpad expired my question.

As you may know, I made a proposition to move towards another process for
editing, contributing and generating user manuals for Brewtarget. More
information can be found on the blueprint page :

I now moved forward and tried a test implementation of what the manual
could look like if converted to the format I am proposing. In order to put
in place this process, I create another repository that will be removed if
we move forward with this solution.
There should be one additional repository inside the Brewtarget project for
each language we want our manual to be translated in.

You may look at three different output :
  * pdf :
  * epub :
  * html : Download the brewtarget.html file and open it in a browser.

For an overview of the content (which is almost exactly the same) go to any
page in the book folder.

Let's discuss this!



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