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[Question #404662]: How to access file search?


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I hope I'm missing something obvious and that this is a simple, dumb question, but after searching and poking around various sites and Budgie, I haven't found the answer.

In Settings, there's a Spotlight/Unity like preference pane to define the scope of file search: which directories and so on get searched. However, I'm not sure how to activate the feature searching through those directories. Super and Alt+F2 only access applications. Ideally, I want to replicate Unity Dash's feature, where I can press Super, start typing a file name, and press Enter to open that file (Spreadsheet, document, etc.).

I believe it's related to this question:

And addressed by something like this:

I'd be delighted if PEBKAC, as that would be the easiest solution: I just haven't found something that, from the outset, seems to already be there.

Anyway, thanks for the great, beautiful distro!

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