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16.04 xenial testing of budgie-desktop v10.2.8


Hi all,

  we have budgie-desktop v10.2.8 for 16.04 users that need testing
before release.  Please let us know how these fare on your system.

We also have backported our new yakkety icon-theme Pocillo - this will
now be the default for 16.04 users as well.

>From Rob Peter's testing of 16.10 we think we have also resolved the
network applet wifi pop-up dialog issue (sometimes did not appear when
selecting a wifi network) as well for 16.04 users - please give this a
test and let us know.

Like 10.2.7 we have had to disable the autorefresh of the menu when
you install remove applications - this is because the panel & whole
desktop session often crashed - even when just doing regular updates.
So you'll need to continue to logout login after installing
applications.  We'll continue working with upstream on this - but this
will most probably need to wait until upstream reworks the menu

slightly different testing repository:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:budgie-remix/16.04.2proposed
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

sudo reboot --