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17.04 beta 1 ISOs need testing


Hi All,

  the beta 1 ISO's have been prepared and requires urgent testing.

Please use your launchpad account and login to the ISO tracker - this
is where you can download the ISOs and also find the test cases and
feedback results (if the test case passes - please submit a pass

Some links for you:

How to use the ISO tracker:

Beta 1 is here - http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/373/builds

Download links for the 32bit and 64bit ISOs are there.

Our testing page and currently known issues - please bookmark and come
back often to find out what the latest issues are -

Suggestion - use spare hardware if you have - or virtual tools like
virtualbox/vmware/qemu/gnome boxes etc

turnaround time is very tight - we need testing to complete before
close-of-play wednesday!

Remember to reply-to-all with links your launchpad bug-reports so that
we all know what you have found.

many thanks