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Re: Hello


On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 12:26:39PM -0600, Sean Salsman wrote:
> Hello Vish, and Bugsquad mentorship group alpha!
> My name is Sean, and I haven't triaged a single bug.


> I'm certainly ready to get started, though. I do best with a guided,
> hands-on approach....and I haven't exactly gleaned the information
> that I feel like I need from the existing bug triaging documentation.

It would be quite helpful if you were to let us know which documentation
you were reading and what parts were not informative enough.  This will
allow us to better improve the documentation for everyone.
> I thought a mentor would be able to help. I do well with presentations and
> "show-me-hows", i.e. going to YouTube and watching a well-constructed
> demonstration. First of all, do I need to have different versions of Ubuntu
> installed (say, in virtual machines) to confirm some of the bugs reported
> for those versions?

No, that is entirely optional.  Use whatever version you have available,
well provided it isn't Jaunty, is the right one to use.  Its still
possible to improve the bug report but clarifying the bug title,
improving the steps to recreate the bug or a variety of other things.

Brian Murray
Ubuntu Bug Master

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