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Re: (Relative) newbie fixes some doc bugs: thoughts and experiences


Patrick Regan wrote:
> I'd be willing to write it. Only thing is that I might not be able to
> get to it for a few days as I'm going on vacation tomorrow. If I find
> time today I'll do it, but if I don't, it might be a few days. If
> someone ends up doing it before me, I wouldn't be offended.

I/we need to implement the features first so no urgency. OTOH,
documenting our preferred outcome is a nice way to ensure the various
code changes get done so anytime soon is good in my books.

> Should I talk about the benefits of a shared repository?

You can write whatever makes sense to you. :-) FWIW, here's a rough
sketch of what I had in mind:

Title: Contributing a Change to a Project on Launchpad Using Bazaar Explorer


* start explorer
* configure your user-id and lp-login
* select 'Branch' from the welcome page
* enter lp:xxx (and qbranch should suggest xxx as the local name
  but it doesn't yet)
* agree to creating a shared repo
* make a branch called fix-nnn
* edit a file
* check the diff
* commit the change locally
* push to the suggested branch (qpush doesn't suggest a name yet but
  I want it to)
* click on the LP icon in the status bar to submit the merge proposal.

The goal is to make this (very) common process as smooth as possible and
document it, complete with nice screenshots along the way. Make sense?

Ian C.

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