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Re: (Relative) newbie fixes some doc bugs: thoughts and experiences


Neil Martinsen-Burrell wrote:
> I had a go at a handful of doc bugs this weekend and I've got some
> thoughts for people who want to get involved for the first time.

Hi Neil,

Thank you so much for both your patches and this email.

>  My personal style is
> $ bzr init-repo ~/bzr
> $ cd ~/bzr
> $ bzr branch lp:bzr bzr.dev
> $ bzr branch bzr.dev fix-1234567
> $ cd fix-1234567 # hack, hack, hack

Right. Explorer tries to encourage exactly this approach (with bzr.dev
renamed to trunk in the general case).

> Then when you're done, you can
> $ bzr ci -m 'add more accurate documentation' --fixes lp:1234567
> $ bzr push lp:~your_lp_username/bzr/fix-1234567
> $ bzr lp-open

Yes. It's really very easy once you've done it once or twice.

> 5.  For some of those bugs, there probably needs to be discussion about
> what the right way to fix them is.  I hope that this list will be an
> easier place to start those discussions than would the main bzr mailing
> list.

Definitely. There are two big reasons why I'm gradually introducing more
and more bzr sub-teams:

1. New contributors typically feel *much* more comfortable in smaller
   teams. The main mailing list can be intimating at times.

2. Provide a better signal-to-noise ratio for list members only
   interested in one particular area, e.g. docs, translations, windows
   support, etc.

> 6.  Bazaar in particular makes these sorts of changes very easy.  Every
> time I go through this cycle from ``bzr branch ...`` to ``bzr lp-open``
> I'm surprised at how easy it is.

It will get even easier soon! I'm planning to make Explorer
automatically suggest the right branch to push to on LP (using your
user-id, lp project name and local branch name). Having pushed, I'm
planning to put an LP icon in the status bar to make 'bzr lp-open' a
single click. I'd like a tutorial written showing the total process from
grab branch to submit merge proposal when that's done. Any volunteers? :-)

Ian C.

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