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Tutorial on using Bazaar Explorer pending


Hi all,

Just an FYI that I put together a tutorial last night for using Bazaar
Explorer. I believe Pat had volunteered to do one soon so I'm sending
this email out now to prevent/minimise any duplication of effort. To cut
a long story short, I've become increasing inpatient these last few days
hearing complaints about how confusing Emacs developers are finding
Bazaar. So I thought I'd write a tutorial just for them showing them how
damn easy it really can be. :-) I then changed my mind around midnight
and generalised it for other open source projects.

It's still in draft and not quite ready for public display. I'll throw
in some screenshots this morning and roll it out later today. If you're
interested in progress so far, you can grab the branch from
https://code.launchpad.net/bzr-explorer-website. Like the Visual Tour,
I've structured this so we can easily add versions for Windows, etc.
Feel free to send me spelling and grammar corrections any time. I'd wait
at least 24 hours though before starting work on versions for other OSs.
Let me get the "master" copy in reasonable shape first. :-)

FWIW, here's the document some people are complaining about:
http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs-en/BzrForEmacsDevs. It isn't that bad but
it could be simplified by recommending just one way of doing things. I'm
taking that approach in the tutorial.

More soon,
Ian C.

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